Get Free Copy of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income Book

A few years ago, I went on a retreat for professional women of color in Arizona. It was fabulous. And after a day of spa treatments, I went out to lay by the pool and pulled out one of the most powerful books on coaching that I ever read — Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, written by Andrea Lee.

This is the book that showed coaches and potential coaches how to make a living as a coach – period! To me this book is like the holy grail of coaching:-) To really make an impact in your coaching niche and to honestly put food on the table – this is the coaching model that all coaches and consultants need to follow.

For a very limited time – Andrea is offering a free PDF download of the entire book. Say What??!! That’s right, the book that I paid really good money for is free to you — but only for a few days. So go grab it. Trust me when I say that if you are a coach, consultant, author, speaker — you can apply the principles of this book to your business and watch your income double this year.

Get Free Copy Of The Book

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