Get Paid For TopSpots On Your Blog

I’ve been working really hard the last few days working on the launch of my new article marketing continuity site – Articology. I swore that I said that I was going to outsource the writing of my sales page, but of course once again – I thought I could handle it because my 3 bunnies were home this week. No school. But in the middle of writer’s block, I went cruising for content and saw something interesting on a blog that I really like: InternetMarketingSweetie.

It’s this idea of a virtual tipping jar where people can give you a monetary “thank you” for all of your great blog content:) Kinda cool huh? While this isn’t a really new idea, you have always been able to add that Amazon or Payal button begging for tips – but this site does it in a really cool Web 2.0 way. Not only do you get a tip, but their site (with a live link) gets listed as a “top spot” on your blog. Everybody wins!

Check it out over at, and if you like anything you’ve read over here — feel free to leave me a tip!

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