Guest Posting: Creative Nerds

Are you the online creative type? Are you into graphics or photos? Do you know where to find the top 20 best social media icons or can you write an insightful article on better design for blogs? Then you may want to write a guest post for

Guest Post

Guest posting is a great article marketing strategy that I use in my business and that many people use as well because it is such a win-win strategy for both business owners. The blog owner gets fresh content for the site that they didn’t have to create or pay for. The writer gets free exposure for their site, business, products, etc.

This is also another kick-butt way to build a valuable back-link to your website, because most blog owners in lieu of payment will allow you a backlink or two to your site. Now of course the key here is to make sure that this is a website worth your energies. This is the quick checklist I go through to make sure we’re a good fit for each other:

1. Does your intended customer visit the site?

2. Does the site get good traffic? (Alexa ranking for CreativeNerds is 24,648 at the time of this writing, which is great!)

3, Is this the type of site and site owner you want to form a relationship with?

4. Can you meet the site’s writer requirements and guidelines?

Once you’ve decided whether or not you are a good match, then write and submit. It’s easy and free traffic for you and builds fabulous credibility for your brand.

*I’ll be featuring more sites that encourage guest posting on their sites. If you own a site/blog that permits guest posting or guest blogging – please leave your site’s info in the comment section. I may include it in a future guide for guest writers.

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