Guest Posting Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Lisa Angelettie’s Blog.

What am I looking for?

The main focus of this site is better writing for entrepreneurs, so only topics pertaining to writing and marketing content are accepted. Some topical ideas include:

  • Content Marketing Tips
  • Copywriting Tips
  • Social Media Tips
  • SEO Tips
  • Ninja Blogging Tips
  • Writing & Publishing For Profit
  • Writing & Publishing For SEO purposes
  • Writing & Publishing For Brand Building

Needless to say, if the post isn’t geared towards some sort of writing, it’s going to be a hard sell!

Guest Post Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully. If your submission does not meet these guidelines, it will not be accepted.

  • Please send guest posts to  in Word, Rich Text Format, Pages, or within the body of the email.
  • Include a link to your site and your top three favorite post on your own site or contributed to other site.
  • All posts must be well-written in English.
  • Basic formatting should include some strong headers and paragraphs broken up in easy-to-digest chunks.
  • Please attach a few pictures for your post and include image credits when necessary. Use Creative Commons licensed images or images you have purchased a license for – do not just grab images off of Google Image search.
  • Posts should be 600-1000 words with exceptions to posts that have lots of images or video supplements.
  • Please do not include affiliate links or excessive links to your own website, but be sure to link to any resources, tools, etc. that you mention specifically. Articles solely to advertise your own products or services, will not be accepted.
  • Be sure to include an author bio that is 140 characters or less.
  • Include an email address linked to your Gravatar image that you also check regularly for comment notifications.

Also note that I reserve the right to edit posts for grammatical consistency and easier legibility. I will also add additional information if I deem it necessary – I will mark these additions as Editor’s Notes so that readers will know which parts were additions by me to your work.

What are the benefits?

For the guest poster, the benefits include reaching a new audience and, if you have a site of your own, the potential to gain new readers from this exposure. For the readers, the benefits include gaining insight & perspective from a new voice and the opportunity to discover another informative, beneficial site to read as well.

Any catches?

The article that you write for Lisa Angelettie Blog must be original. This means that you wrote it, it is not a spun article, and it is not published on any other website, including your own.

How soon will I know if my article is approved?

I will read any articles/ideas submitted as soon as possible, but with the volume of incoming articles it might be a week or two before I can fully review it.

How soon will my article be posted?

When your article is approved, I will let you know the scheduled date of your post. Dates are subject to change – if anything changes, I will email you an alternative date.