Halloween Affiliate Article Marketing – Pt. 1

Want To Try Halloween Affiliate Article Marketing?

Look around your neighborhood and your shopping centers. Halloween has become a bigger holiday then I ever imagined it would be. It’s getting up there with Christmas. There are even lighted trees to display in your home for Halloween. Black ones with orange lights! There is so much merchandise being sold for Halloween that it is an absolute no brainer that affiliate marketers make thousands of dollars promoting products around this holiday. That’s right – big bucks. Especially for the beginning affiliate marketer. This is a really cool and easy niche to start with.

Just by browsing the stores I saw lighted jack-o-laterns, hot air outside displays, lighted trees, Halloween gift cards, assorted candy, wreaths, door decorations, lawn decorations, cd’s, books for adults, books for children, costumes, wigs, party favors, Halloween balloons, Halloween themed paper goods, Halloween decorated cookie dough and other baked goods, etc. Most of these things you can buy in stores and you can buy on the web.

Buying Halloween items on the web has grown in popularity over the years, probably because of the convenience and the fact that stores can be “picked over” when it comes to this holiday – because people have a LOT of Halloween parties. In fact let’s take a quick look…

Halloween affiliate article marketing

There are over 11 million monthly global searches for the term halloween.

That is a lot of traffic on the web for one little ole’ holiday and that’s primarily due to the fact that people are on a deadline to purchase a costume and plan a party for themselves or for their children –And that’s why you should be one of the source’s for all this traffic. It is a high-traffic, well-converting, affiliate market.

Now while there may be a few super affiliates out there who will tell you that they have this market covered from A to Z, I assure you that there is space for you to get in. You just have to drill down and pick a sub-niche. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Pick A sub-niche in the online Halloween marketplace.

2. Pick an affiliate program with products to promote in this sub-niche. I like Commission Junction or a Halloween-only product website.

3. Write a series of key-word rich articles on this sub-niche, making sure you link to your affiliate product(s) in the articles — and get the published like yesterday!

4. Try to weave the articles in a series by using links — this will help keep people reading your content. When exposed to it long enough, people will generally purchase something.

Take a look a highly searched and well-trafficked sub-niche keywords in part 2 of this Halloween affiliate article marketing series.


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