How Many Articles Does It Take To See Traffic?

Q: How many articles does it take to write and publish in order to see traffic back to my site?

A: Business owners often want to know how many articles they will have to write before they start to see traffic. The reality is that it depends on several factors.

You can see traffic back to your site after publishing ONE article if you write on a topic that your audience is craving information on, and if you publish it at a high-traffic outlet.

But if I can impress one thing here, it’s that article marketing is not a flashy, get rich quick article marketing strategy. The way that article marketing works powerfully is when you write more and more articles – especially on one particular keyword phrase.

If you want to see faster results with your article marketing, this is the one article marketing secret success tip I can reveal to you that will make a serious difference:

1. Pick your keyword phrase

2. Write an article series of articles all featuring that keyword phrase in the title and the body of the article.

3. Monitor how you are doing in the organic search engine results for your keyword phrase

4. Once you have penetrated the Top 10 search engine results for that keyword phrase it’s time to do everything again for another keyword phrase.

Using this method you will start to see a greater deal of  “targeted traffic” back to your site at a more rapid pace.

Rule of thumb – give your article marketing at least 6 months to gain traction, ranking and momentum (others linking to your articles)  in the search engines before you throw your hands up!

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