How To Add Audio To Your Articles

How To Add Audio To Your Articles: Give Your Articles A Voice

One of my coaches writes articles regularly on her blog and always has an audio version of the article available as well. While she has been doing this for years, there was something about it the other day that truly hit me. I didn’t How to create audio articleshave time to read one more thing that day, but I really wanted to get that content. So I really appreciated the audio version of that article a lot more this week!

Why Should I Add Audio To My Articles?

The #1 reason why you should consider adding audio versions of your articles to your site is for the simple fact that it gives your community of readers an option on how they learn what you have to teach. Some people learn visually, some learn better through listening (auditory). Giving readers options improves your chance of getting more people to read your content, join your list, and convert into sales.

So How Do I Add Audio To My Articles Lisa?

Well I’m glad you’re on board! And if you have a WordPress blog – this can be really easy.

1. Record your audio. I’m on a Mac so I use a Logitech earphone/microphone and the Garage Band application (can also use Quicktime Pro) for recording my audio. That gives me really great audio quality, and I can use it for audio on my sites, for podcasts, audioclasses, etc. A freeware program that both Mac and PC users use is Audacity.

2. Upload your audio. Most likely the audio you create will be in a Mp3 format. That is the most common audio file that recording programs make. You can upload this file to your site/blog and it will create a clickable link that will most likely open up into a new page where you can listen.

3. Convert your audio. (optional) Most computers come with Flash already installed, which is why if you want to ensure that almost every computer owner can listen to your audio, you will convert it to Flash. If you are on WordPress, you can do this with many plugins. I use audio player, which automatically converts all mp3 files on my site to Flash and then creates a little audio player as well for visitors to click on and listen to your audio article.

4. Pay for convenience. (optional) There are services such as BYOaudio and Audio Acrobat where you can record or upload your audio, convert it, and create a nice audio player for your website. If you create a lot of audio articles this may be a great option because these sites serve the files for you – you do not use your own server space. This is also a good option if you do not have a WordPress blog.

* Here’s an example of how I add audio to one of my articles: Start Article Marketing

What Else Can I Do With These Audio Articles?

A great thing you can do with your audio articles is to submit them to iTunes to create your own podcast. With the explosion of iPods and smartphones, it’s realistic to think that someone will actually subscribe and listen to your podcast these days. People have more access.


Adding audio gives a fresh take on old content and creates a higher perceived value. While you don’t have to do it with every article you write, it may be a good idea to give some of your best work – your voice.

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