How To Build Trust When You Write

The internet is already a very anonymous place, so it’s crucial that as online entrepreneurs, we do what we can to build trust between us and our clients/customers. It’s very important to get right because without trust, no one will invest in what you are offering. That’s why I like to make sure all my article marketing clients and of course you too, are implementing the basics in order to build trust when you write articles.

Add a photo
I can’t tell you how many times I see comments under articles or article directory submissions that do not have a photo. Having a photo in your reader profile on article directory websites or as a gravatar when you write blog articles, instantly helps you build a connection with your readers. People feel as if you are talking to them when they can see you, and vice-versa. Seeing that I am actually reaching real people, is a great motivator for me to continue writing on a regular basis.  Articles without photos of the author are simply – anonymous messages that do not connect well with the reader.

Reference Your Website
There are many authors, speakers, and coaches out there who have yet to build a website, so they use their email address in their bio boxes. While this is okay in a pinch, it should only be temporary way of having your readers communicate with you. Email addresses change everyday and seem a bit unprofessional at the end of an article. It’s better to direct readers to a web page — and even if you do not have a full blown website or blog up yet — you can create or outsource one squeeze page or landing page quickly.

Don’t Sell Yet
One of the best ways to build trust between you and readers is to not write what amounts to a soft sales letter. It’s always better to teach your reader something, peak their interest, build a relationship, and try to sell later. Trying to sell your $100 buck infoproduct at the end of every article you write will only end up feeling like a pitch by a use car salesman on your first visit to the showroom.

Write In A Conversational Tone
You do not have to sound like a college professor to make readers think that you are an expert in your topic. You only have to know what you are talking about. In fact, if you start talking “over” the heads of your readers – you will not sound like an authority but more like an unapproachable snoot! Build trust with your readers by speaking to them intelligently but as you would to a friend. Let a conversation with a close friend be your guide:)

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