How To Promote Your Content Rapidly To Get Real Traffic

I must admit that I have a fascination with search engine optimization tactics. I started using them back in ’03 when I first started on the web as merely a hobby and fell in love with it. I guess because I saw real results for my site without having to pay a dime! Who doesn’t love free?

But a lot of things have changed since I first started on the web – and the old way of promoting content like articles have dramatically changed. No longer should we be trying to write as much content as we can and submit it to every directory that will accept us. And if you’re still doing that you may want to seriously consider taking a look at my upcoming article marketing course:) But having said that – a more Web 2.0 and fresh approach to getting your content out there to as many fresh eyes as possible WHILE building authoritative links back to your website is by creating your own Article Branding Kit™. So what is it?

Basically you write three to five original articles which really embodies what problems your company is in the business of solving AND post the link to those articles (which should be hosted on your own website) on all of the social media networks that you are a member of such as: facebook, myspace, etc. Any social media site which allows you to have a profile page is a good candidate. Make sure to position your ABK as a special offer or a sneak peak to make it more enticing. Now you’ve created a path of traffic back to your site while also creating a link to your site from a very authoritative website with good ranking (which is good for your site too).

*Take note that this is different from a freebie you are offering for signing up for your newsletter etc. These articles should be offered to the site visitor without obligation – as they are functioning as your extended business card. An extension of your brand.

If you want to learn more about how to design and promote your own article branding kit, look for the module teaching you how to build your own article branding kit in my my article marketing course for beginners and intermediate marketers generate tons more traffic to their sites for free!

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