Article Marketing Basics: How To Submit Your Articles To Blog Carnivals

I had been online for quite a while before I heard of submitting articles to blog carnivals. Honestly, the name of them (“blog carnivals”) tends to make you not take them too seriously:) Of course I will always try something once, and so when a trusted marketing expert suggested years ago in a coaching session that I use blog carnivals to jump start my traffic and list building — I said what they hey! I’ll do it.

Now if you visit a blog carnival site, they can look a little cluttered and be a bit confusing to navigate. They truly are designed for people who know what they are and how they work. But once you learn, they truly can bring you a surge of new traffic and fresh eyes to your articles.

What Is A Blog Carnival?
A Blog Carnival works much like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. They work by collecting a series of links pointing to blog articles on the same topic. Editions or issues of the carnival come out on a weekly or monthly basis and usually consist of links to those articles with additional comments added about those articles from the editor.

The reason why people would subscribe to a blog carnival is simple, they are trying to follow a particular niche or topic and want to cut out all the other clutter on the web. This is great for writers like us who want to reach a targeted market that have asked permission to be sent information.

How Do I Find Where To Submit My Articles?
When you visit a blog carnival site, simply cruise the site looking for carnivals that cover your topic. There will be more than one. So I like to make my decisions based on how often the blog carnival is published, the description of the carnival by the editor, and of course subscriber count.

At most carnivals, you will be able to view past issues, read the editor’s submission guidelines and instructions on how to submit to their carnival. Of course if you don’t think that anyone has created a blog carnival that covers your niche well — you can create one of your own. Remember that this is all free and piggybacking off of the traffic of an established blog carnival site is a great idea as long as you can commit to the responsibilities of being a good blog carnival editor.

Ready to start submitting articles? Here’s my Favorite Blog Carnival:

Want to submit your articles to dozens or even hundreds of blog carnivals in your niche automatically? Try Blog Carnival Submitter.

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