How To Write Basic HTML Code

When  you write articles, especially for submission and publication to article directories, most directories will permit you to add a little html code to your articles to add a little visual depth or oomph to them. Not much though:)

So while each individual article directory may allow different html code, I thought I’d give you a quick little cheat sheet of the code that most writers usually use and that most directories typically allow.

To make text BOLD – <b>your text</b>  or <strong> your text </strong>

To italicize text – <i> your text </i> or <em> your text </em>

To underline text – <u> your text </u>

To make a paragraph break to the next line – <br> or </br>

To make a block of quoted text (indented) – <blockquote> your text </blockquote>

To create an ordered list – <ol> your list </ol>

To create an unordered list – <ul> your list </ul>

To add the items in your ol or ul list, you will need to precede each item with <li>

To create a link in your article or resource box – <a href=”your url”> your text </a>


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