In Or Into: Grammar Tip

In Vs. Into: Lisa’s Grammar Tip Of The Week

I’ve got a real thing for supernatural fiction and science fiction, so I read quite my share of books on my Kindle. Yet in many of these fun novels, I’ve seen a lot of writers use the prepositions In or Into interchangeably when writing. That’s actually a big boo-boo. So here I am again, to put the issue at rest for my favorite writers and for you too:)

In Vs. Into Definitions…

IN is a preposition used to denote the place where a person or thing, whether at rest or in motion, is present. It expresses a final position.

INTO is a preposition used to denote entrance. It expresses movement.

Examples of In or Into Usage…

Incorrect: I want to go in the kitchen for a minute to use the sink.
Correct: I want to go into the kitchen for a minute to use the sink.

Any questions? Have any more examples. Leave ’em in the comment section below.


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