Would You Read Your Favorite Blog On Kindle?

While I love gadgets. I tend to wait out the “first movement” of new gadget frenzy, and swoop in on the second movement when things get a little less expensive. For example, now I’m ready to buy the iphone. It’s faster and cheaper and comes out July 11th. Yea!

But I’m still waiting on the verdict of Amazon’s new portable reading device called a KINDLE. The things that sound great about a kindle are the fact that you can read the morning newspaper, a book, a blog, and other assorted documents on your kindle. And the information is delivered via “whispernet” which basically means wirelessly — but anywhere. You don’t need to be near a wifi hotspot to download your new book. Order it at Amazon, and it instantly downloads to your kindle. Cool huh?

I know what you’re thinking — but what about the feel of paper? The smell of your new book? Reading your favorite blog on a full color screen at home? Picking the newspaper up outside every morning and reading the comic pages (which seem to not be included in your kindle version of newspapers).

Well – you could kind of look at it as a very “Green” way of getting your information fix. Less paper — less trees — bigger forests :-) I don’t know, what do you think? Would you read your favorite blog (like this one:) on kindle?

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