Learn Article Marketing: Quit Marketing Tactics That Are Making You Broke!

Have you heard somewhere on the web that article marketing was dead? HA! That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while, basically because the people that are saying that are trying to sell you the next “bright shiny object” on internet marketing for $97, $147, or more. Don’t fall for it!

If you are an affiliate marketer, an online entrepreneur, a coach, author, speaker — then the most effective cost-free strategy on the planet for you to learn and do again and again is article marketing. Once you learn article marketing, you will be fast on your way to more traffic and a bigger more qualified opt-in or subscriber list. This is how…

1. Once you start sending your list articles on a regular basis you will begin to build a circle of trust.

2. Subscribers who read and love your content will become your “fans” and not just people on your list.

3. They will forward your articles to friends and family.

4. Those with an online business will republish them in their own ezines and newsletters.

5. Write and publish articles regularly, and you will start to notice that your articles will come up in natural search engine results.

6. People will see those results, click on the links, and follow the “article trail” back to your website.

That’s how the viral magic begins!!!

Are you ready to get serious, learn article marketing and finally see real income in your online business, or are you satisfied buying a the next new internet marketing product that’s going to make you a million dollars overnight…and then buying another one and another one and another one!

It’s not a joke. I have seen friends and people I have met along the way go broke investing in information products and coaching programs that they could not afford and whose principles were difficult to execute. Charging their credit cards and praying for the right “fix” to solve all their marketing problems.

I was on that path too, until I finally stopped myself dead in my tracks and said, “Hey Lisa, why not really pour all your energies into the one thing that you have seen really work in your business?” For me that was article marketing.

Now that’s not to say that I don’t invest in information and coaching that will benefit my business. I absolutely do. But not in marketing strategies to replace what I know already works.  No, I rather invest my energy and my money in ways to take what I know works (writing articles) and putting it on steroids!

Now all the successful marketers on the web have a technique which works best for them, it may be adwords, teleseminars, or article marketing — but the easiest of all these strategies to learn and implement quickly is article marketing.

Are you ready to learn article marketing?

If so, I invite you to download my free report about my revolutionary article marketing training program, Articology. It may finally be the answer to your “bright shiny object” syndrome!

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