Mobile Marketing: Follow My Facebook Updates

Your cell phone, iPad, Blackberry is your portable link to the world, isn’t it? In fact there are so many great apps out there for our phones that we can do a LOT of mobile marketing, idea generation, writing, right on our cells while we are waiting on one of the kids’ many lessons to finish. I hash ideas out while my youngest takes piano:)

Statistically women tend to write and read more on Facebook and Twitter than at their desktops, and if you think about it it makes sense. We spend more time tied to our cell phones then we do our desktop. So in the spirit of staying on top of everything you care about – including my Facebook buzz on article marketing, writing, internet marketing, you can follow my updates REAL easy:

1. Text like articlemarketingincome to 32665 (FBOOK)

2. Be sure to put in the space between like and articlemarketingincome.

That’s it! Look our for my next update:)

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