Modeling Vs. Copycat Marketing

As an internet marketer, I am subscribed to tons of newsletters and ezines. Especially both the free and paid versions of experts who have shaped my business. I learn a lot of from them and try to implement many of their suggestions and techniques within my own business model – using my own voice. That’s called “modeling”.

About a year ago I subscribed to someone’s ezine who clearly was a student of a mutual marketing coach we both followed. Now while this coach has said in workshops etc. to “copy her” — she doesn’t mind. I beg to differ. For example, this particular student will take emails she sends, copies them verbatim, and plugs in her own links to her own products or affiliate products. And I mean if I got the original email from the coach on Tuesday, she is sending one out on Thursday. Now that is “copycat marketing”.

While I did email this student and tell her to at least re-write her copy, I would never put her on blast on my blog by naming her. I’m sure her other readers have figured out her shtick too — because I would guess that many of her subscribers found her via one of the coach’s salesletters (testimonial ad). She is only making herself look lazy, unprofessional, and insecure. Now I would never trust any product she creates, and would never recommend her to any of my clients.

Lesson here? Don’t copycat your business after someone else’s. It’s important for your credibility and profitability to find your own voice.

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