Premium WordPress Themes For Solopreneurs

If you are a solopreneur looking to build your first website or update your old website, many business owners are using blogs as their only website for their businesses — especially because of the versatility of wordpress.

One of the problems with using only a blog interface is that some templates were not versatile enough to blog, and sell products, etc. Another is that some were just not pretty at all! OR they were very cluttered or basic blog layouts.

Well – a while ago I was looking for a new wordpress theme for another site I own and ran across developer Brian Gardner over at iThemes.

There are a lot of themes to choose from that will work really great for a solopreneur looking to establish a professional yet versatile web presence. Template themes include: essence series, icompany theme, business card series, revolution series, deep order series, ecommerce theme, corporate series, web 2.0 series, industrial series, and the brochure series. My favorite is revolution:)

Now while these themes do cost a few bucks – I think they are actually worth the investment. Because let’s be honest – not everyone is going to buy them! So you’ll have a unique presence in your market. Which definitely matters in this ever-crowding web world we live in.


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    Attractive collection, all are fresh themes. I have tried AskIt and I guess it is one of the best theme I came across for question and answer website. It is easy to install and looks professional and clutter free.

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