How To Rewrite Articles In Your Natural Voice

When I first started writing articles for other people’s blogs and websites, I wrote so infrequently that I didn’t mind writing a nice new article for each site. Hey, I was happy that I was able to feature my work on another site other than my own! But as you will find, the more you write, and the more you are recognized in your marketplace, the more other website owners will want your articles as content on their sites.

The more diligent website owners want “original” content. Or at least content that hasn’t been published in several months. But really they all want “new” content. Wouldn’t you? So that’s when I went down that long and sorted search for article spinners etc., and to this day I have not found one software or service that I would RATHER use than my own natural writing voice. This is why:

1. I like consistency. I want people to be able to read my articles on Site A and Site B and know that they were written by the same person – ME! Some Article spinners give an unnatural sound to your articles.

2. I like to write fast. Believe it or not, you can write a new article (especially one that is a version of one that you have already written) in less time than it takes to go through some of these modern article spinner tools. TRUST ME. I have paid for many of them, and they all claim to have this great proprietary formula for how they “spin” articles. But whatever they all are using — it takes you forever to get through the thing. Yes, ultimately do you have a new version of your article. You do. But did it take you almost 45 minutes to get there?

3. As I write more and more, and re-write more and more, I naturally get faster. So this goes to the whole practice makes perfect theory. The more you do it – the better you will be at it. My articology folks know what I’m talking about:)

4. Being featured on 3rd party websites is the BOMB! I love the new visitors I get to my sites. I love seeing my work in other places other than my site. I love building new relationships with other site owners. I love the back link juice that it gives me as well. So it’s really important to me that I give sites like these original articles, and not just ones swiped from my archives.

So are you ready to rewrite your articles? Let’s get going:

1. Choose an article that gets lots of hits on your website or on an article directory.

2. Open it on your computer and open a new text file window or other word processing application in another window.

3. Rewrite your title. I like to do at least three versions. (Make sure to feature your keyword phrase)

4. Now read your first paragraph. It’s important that you totally re-write the paragraph yet still say the same thing.

For example, if I had a paragraph with a sentence that said “Larry wanted to study for the course because it was important to him.” I would probably re-write this as “The test was so important to Larry that he made a ¬†point to study for it.”

See what I mean. It says the same thing, yet its a completely different and “new” sentence to your readers and to the search engines.

As you learn to do this with more practice, you can do this with paragraphs quite easily. I may read a paragraph that explains a certain concept, I close the article window, and then re-write that paragraph explaining the same concept. For most people, no matter how much you try, you will not be able to completely replicate your article word for word. So as long as you are writing about the same topics and concepts, you have a new version of your article.

The key tip here is to not look back at the original article. Read your paragraph once – then start writing. Don’t look back. This will ensure that you write new content in your own natural voice — and not copy what you already have word for word.

Final Note: If you do not have any relationships with 3rd party websites – that’s okay. You can build a reserve of articles that you save in a folder on your computer and have them ready when it’s time to submit content.


  1. says

    Awesome tips. I am an aspiring article marketer and have tried the spinners or re-writers and what have you, but, like you said they take more time to set up & figure out how to work than it takes to write the article myself. I am goling to look around your site some more & sign up for the RSS feed (if I can figure it out) I am a “newbie granny. lol

  2. lisaangelettie says

    Thanks so much for stopping by Becca. Signing up for the RSS feed can
    be easy or easier:) depending on the browser you are using. No
    worries. If you can't figure it out, you can always subscribe to my
    posts etc. via email. That's still primarily the method I use for
    following other folks.

  3. Fahadaliin says

    Great info lisa, I am a content writer and once i had to leave a job because i could not rewrite articles .this info can be useful for me.

  4. says

    Nice article. Do you think its better to re-write your article paragraph by paragraph or just re-write the whole thing?

  5. says

    Hi ES,
    I prefer to rewrite the whole thing. It may sound very much like the original, but just the sheer fact that its almost impossible to replicate the same article by memory – I like this method better.

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