RSS Feed Troubleshooting

My RSS feed hasn’t been working properly for a long time now. Now it does, so please subscribe:) It took me so long to fix it because one of my problems is and has been outsourcing. I know that. So having said that — Feedburner has a great tool called “feedmedic”which takes a look at your feed and diagnoses whatever problems or potential problems it has.

It told me what to check for step by step. And of course the very last thing was what the problem was. I had to go into my template’s html source code and eliminate some spaces at the end of the page. That’s it. And the problem was solved.

That’s why it makes sense to use feedburner in order to “watch over” and publicize your blog. I first used it because so many other bloggers use it. Now — I see the whole point! It works:)

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