Satisfaction Finally!

After another phone call made to customer service at 1-800-flowers, I finally saw a refund in my paypal account today.

This particular customer service agent said that it was actually on paypal’s end – and that they take a long time to post a refund from their company, for some reason. Why – they didn’t know.

While this could be the case with their company, I have been able to process refunds to my customers (only a few of course:), immediately to their paypal accounts. And vice-versa for other things that I have bought and returned for some reason.

But honestly — this is not really the point. The point is that I wasn’t really given enough information about their return process once I requested it — and they DID NOT communicate with me at all during this process via phone, email, mail etc.

So again — the point of this is to remember that communication with all of your customers is key. Because when it’s time to buy flowers again, I will not use their company, due to my experience with them.

Value all your clients and customers – even when they return – because your reputation is key to maintaining the business buzz in your marketplace.

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