Should I Send Text or HTML Emails?

Isn’t this the age-old email, ezine, newsletter question of all time? Email is the life-blood of most online businesses. Sure we have RSS feeds, social networking, etc. – but at the end of the day, all of us should be asking the permission to continue contact via email of every visitor to our site(s). Period.

So how should you get your message out – effectively every time? Well, there was the theory that we should just send everything out via text because it was sure to get through the spam filters and many people do not have the capability of viewing html emails.

Then there was the case for html’s power to get the emails opened and read. They are attractive and compelling – just not as boring as the dozens of text emails we receive each day.

So now this is the new theory – really not so new:) – and that is to send out your newsletters in both text and html format for each issue. This way you are covering your bases. Those who can only view text emails or choose to only view text emails – will see your text email. Others who prefer html – will get your html version. This gives your subscribers the power to make the decision how they read your newsletter – and not you giving them only one option.

*HINT – There are many newsletter/autoresponder services out there which may give you the option of a text or html message, but pay close attention to the details.

There are some that can generate a text message out of your html message automatically – which is a nice feature.

There are others which can have you post both versions – and will send both versions. So your subscribers will get two emails with the same content. (That one annoys me. I use to have that option with my old service.)

Or you can have the option of sending both text and html versions – but the subscriber will only see the version they have set up on default. For example, I have set up my Apple Mail to always read html messages. I prefer them. So when I send a test email to myself – that is the only version I see. Others will only see the text version – never both. This is a really cool feature I use over at aweber.

Bottom line – take the extra step or the extra few minutes and send out both text and html versions to ensure deliverability. Remember that building relationships with your members/ readers is at the core of creating a buzzed about business!


  1. wrightwaytoblog says

    thanks for the article, one thing I find it hard to read regular text, I prefer aerial or how ever
    you spell it. For some reason my eyes don't like regular text. It is too bad all books aren't
    written in aerial. Like the latest buzz stuff below your photo is great.

  2. lisaangelettie says

    Hi -the font you like is Arial. It's a very clean font.
    Thanks for coming by and the kind comments.
    Keep reading!

  3. says

    This post is timely for me personally, thank you. I am at the point with my web site where I’m contemplating whether to use an email opt-in form or just direct visitors to my facebook page to send me messages, to obtain something for free, & to read newest information under the notes sections. The reason I’m contemplating this is that as the only person working this huge website I’m asking myself the questions of:

    1. How much duplication do I actually have time for? In other words . . . writing & adding content daily, then having to post it on facebook & twitter to direct back to the website, then sending out an email to notifiy subscribers of certain information, then answering emails in three different places – from the site contact form, from facebook both personal & page profiles, & from subscribers?

    2. Are my subscribers experiencing the same email box overwhelm I am on a personal & business level – most days now I delete more email than I read due to time constraints. However, at the end of the day I’m always on facebook where I can read what the pages I have liked have to say – which more often than not is some duplication of an email I received that day . . .

    I understand the current philosophy that a site’s success lies in it’s email list but for me personally I’m more likely to “share” a facebook post with my personal profile friends & through my page than I am to share an email . . . BTW facebook no longer allows landing pages with the new timeline, you must use your notes section & then direct your followers to that link (dam!). In addition FB no longer allows apps to auto post from a blog (double dam!) . . .

    I would love feedback on this since I am at a decision point of “to add an email opt in” or to funnel everything through my facebook page when you must “like” to receive :>)
    Linda Lou

    • says

      Hi Linda,
      In my opinion, because Facebook is so rapidly always changing I would NOT use it as my only way of connecting with clients. While the article I read on how we shared content in 2011 – details that Facebook if by far the biggest way folks are sharing content – it still only accounts for about 50% of the sharing of content. I wouldn’t abandon email marketing. Never make marketing decisions based solely on what you prefer. I myself prefer email but social marketing could not be denied:) Everyone does not have a Facebook account — although it seems like it huh:) LOL!
      Thanks for your input,

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