Should You Build A Squid Who Page?

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the phenomena of squidoo pages. The great site developed by marketing whiz Seth Godin, where you can write about almost anything under the sun and instantly become considered an expert on your topic. Well – almost instantly.

The PR ranking for these sites were extremely high about a year ago – and some say they have been taking a hit by google recently, but the ranking is still worth the effort. Especially if you build a squidoo page around the topic of your niche.

Another new cool squidoo offering – is to build a page about “people” only on This site is pretty much the same principle as squidoo, except that you can’t build a page around say things like “laptop bags” – only on people.

This is great for us buzz builders! We can build a site that will get us some great google love all about us. While there are pages on many famous people – the site also invites the not-so-famous to create pages as well. So don’t be intimitated by the Top 100 on the home page. You’ll be there soon:)

squidwho screenshot A few things to note…

1. When you create a new squid-who page – the royalties are automatically set up to go to the Acumen Fund – but like your squidoo pages, you can set it up for cash to you. A nice option.

2. Your squidoo pages and your squidWho pages will be together on one dashboard – so you don’t have to login two places. Sweeeet. You will also be able to see how many clicks your pages are getting, what your rank is, and how much money they’ve earned.

3. SquidWho also gives you a few great traffic tips for your pages and they send out a nice newsletter (squidoo does) which helps you refine your pages as well.

To set up your own SquidWho page go to:

To build your own page on practically anything, go to:


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