Social Marketing Success By Mari Smith

There are a lot of social marketing “experts” out there, yet there are only a few whose strategies I have been able to realistically implement and see results. Mari Smith is one of those experts. While I spend the majority of my time “writing” because well I am an article marketing fanatic and because I simply enjoy it — Mari spends her time tweaking and perfecting how to build and maximize your business profile and presence with social marketing & media especially Facebook.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say that my two favorite social marketing mediums are Facebook and Twitter — in case you didn’t know, Mari Smith is the go to expert on Facebook Marketing. To get an introduction to her style and philosophy, check out this article she wrote covering her 15 hot tips for social media success.

I really liked this article because it wasn’t your typical “write a list” article. It was full of REAL strategies that she uses and it had a lot of her personality in the article as well. That’s something that always resonates with readers – personality. That’s why I am such a big promoter of writing your own articles. When you outsource, you undoubtedly lose that personal voice.

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