Barnes & Noble Stores May All Close By 2015

barnes and noble gone

Tribeca Location

Visiting¬†my neighborhood Barnes & Noble use to be an “outing” with my 3 girls that we all looked forward to. A little Starbucks coffee. A new book. And at least an hour browsing. Now it looks like that is coming to an abrupt end. We now have to drive at least 20 minutes to our closest B&N since our neighborhood one closed down and that’s just not realistic for me. Especially since the girls are older, own Kindles, and rather download books then drive that far or “read an icky used book from the library”. Oh the horror! LOL!

Looks like even though B&N has zero brick and mortar competition, they still are struggling to make ends meet and have been systematically closing stores all over the country. Author Michael Levin wrote about it over at The Alternative Press and gives some pretty compelling reasons why this may be the end of the bookstore as we folks (over 20 years old:) know it.

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