Thesis Skins

Thesis Skins

Thesis Skins – For The Thesis WordPress Theme

The Thesis framework is a great way to build a highly search engine optimized WordPress blog. I highly recommend it (and practically force it:) down my clients throats. Yet one of the drawbacks to using the Thesis theme is that only about a handful of people know how to design custom backgrounds. You have to know how to write the code for the “hooks” in Thesis to at the very least upload a background image you may have, add a custom banner, etc.

While it’s not rocket science, a little reading over at, and web designers could dress up a Thesis blog quite nicely — but while we are waiting for web designers to catch up, many of us may have to rely on the available Thesis Skins.  Ready made templates for our Thesis blogs.

Last Updated: October 28

Here’s a list of places where you can find some of the best Free & Premium Thesis skins on the web:

NEW! 1. Marketing Skins – Premium Marketing-Style Thesis Skins

2. Thesis Awesome! – Premium Thesis Skin

3. – Premium Thesis Skin

4. WPblogger Free Thesis Skins – Free Thesis Skin

NEW! Try WPblogger’s  Network News SkinFree Thesis Skin

5. Theme Thesis Skins – Free & Premium Thesis Skins

6. Matt Hodder Thesis Skins – Premium Thesis Skin

7. ThesisReady Thesis Skins – Free & Premium Thesis Skins

8. Kristerella Free Thesis Skins – Free Thesis Skin

9. WuFoo Thesis Skin – Premium Thesis Skin

10. Terracotta Thesis Skin – Premium Thesis Skin

11. Serious Business Skin – Premium Thesis Skin

12. Print is Dead Skin – Premium Thesis Skin

13. Classy Operation Skin – Premium Thesis Skin

14. Secret Agent Skin – Premium Thesis Skin

If you design Thesis skins and want to sell them try this site. They are looking for collaborators.

*If you know of any other great free or premium Thesis skins, please share them in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list:)

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