Thumbs up for Trafficology Newsletter

I can’t remember when it was, maybe a few years ago — but there was a big push on the net for the launching of Simpeology by Mark Joyner and Trafficology by Nitro Marketing…and I got confused. I didn’t know who was offering what. Everyone on the web was throwing free membership offers at me. And so, I said the heck with it.

A few months ago – I joined a different marketing gold membership group and a few days ago – I received as a free gift an issue of Nitro Marketing’s Trafficology Newsletter (Platinum Edition).

At first, I was like “whoa!”, did I sign up for this thing again?

But then I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the envelope (read that it was a free gift) and received my two audio cd’s and an info-packed printed newsletter chock full of traffic building tips. Very nice! There was even a free tool for members – which was a free download of the new “Peel Away Ads” ad tool that is getting so much “buzz” lately. All I had to do was go to the companion Trafficology site and download it at the members area.

I was excited because this was a tool I was planning to purchase anyway. But FREE is even better:)

I really have to admit that while I’m not sure what happened when they launched, that they now have really created a wonderfully useful newsletter that is full of “new” information for online business owners like us:)

So if you were confused like me or unimpressed at the time – I highly recommend that you give this newsletter another try. There are two levels – gold and platinum, but either option gives you the newsletter and an audio cd every month.

If you’re interested, they are currently running a limited offer for new members to try out the newsletter at the gold level for two months FREE. Check out the site, sign up for your free issues, and let me know how you like it.

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