Top 50 Women In Social Media

I recently read this list of the 50 most influential and powerful women in social media. The list was created by Ron Hudson and he used several factors to come to his list results — one of the most powerful determining factors being the Alexa ranking of the women’s sites.

What I liked about this list is simply the fact that the subject of women in internet marketing is a touchy subject — period. Internet marketing can really be a good ole’ boys club — especially when the nature of the business lends itself to only being friendly with a select few. You just don’t want to give away your trade secrets to any and everyone! So I think I can honestly say – it’s a little cliquish.

It’s nice to see that there is a core group of women out there, making a real impact in the world of internet marketing and social media. Because honestly — aren’t we the best communicators? :-)

Take a look at the list…

Top Women In Social Media

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