Twitter A Little Easier On Your Mac

Sometimes the problem with Twitter and other social networking sites is that you have to constantly log on in order to update your tweets on a regular basis. That’s why it takes so many people so long to really get the hang of it. Especially those making money. I mean that’s just one more thing to do right?

Well there are a few applications out there that will allow you to twitter straight from your desktop, but the one I really like is for Mac users (sorry PC users:) and it’s called Twitterrific.

Simply download the application, log into your twitter account, and you have a nice small twitter box that you can tuck in the corner or in one of your mac spaces, where you can read current tweets and also create ones. It’s extremely easy. And You can use it on your iphone or ipod touch as well.

Follow me on twitter — I will be tweeting more often:-)

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