Unique Article Marketing: Publish Your Articles At Other High Traffic Sites

ishot-3There are article marketing basics that everyone should learn online. How to write effectively. Where to publish. How to promote published articles. And how to profit from their articles. Yet once that is learned, there are other unique article marketing strategies that you can use to ramp up all of those results.

One is to publish your articles at other high-traffic or niche specific websites. While some freelance writers turn their noses down at this because they see it as writing on the web for free — that is not really the case. These sorts of writing relationships mean so much more to marketers like us.

I write for several high-traffic “magazine” style websites exclusively for the ability to get high-quality backlinks and a never-ending source of free traffic to my websites. That’s the payoff for me – and the results are better than any sort of one-time freelance check.

When you are choosing websites to build a writing/publishing relationship with – make sure you:

1. Check the PR rating of the website. While I don’t necessarily swear by page rank, it gives you a good idea of the age and status of the website. All this matters when it comes to organic search on the web. I like PR 4 or better. Most of the sites I write for are much higher.

2. Check the traffic ranking of the website. Unless you are writing for a niche specific website where this doesn’t matter as much, the website should hold an Alexa ranking under 100,000. Again – this is not the be all and end all, but gives you an idea of whether you can expect exposure to a decent number of visitors. Again – if you are writing for a niche website, the numbers don’t matter as much as you are writing to a more qualified prospect.

3. Check to see if the website fits your branding image. You will not convert readers into clicks to your site if the site you are writing for isn’t congruent with your overall branding message. If you are are a female spiritual marketer, you probably won’t find too many fans over on one of the all-male, old-school marketing sites. Most visitors there won’t get you. That’s why I write for a lot of women’s magazines and recently I have started writing for a news magazine – with a local slant.

I grew up in Philadelphia, and have recently moved back, so I now write on internet marketing for the City of Philadelphia at examiner.com. Why I enjoy a local slant on this topic, is because this will allow me to create more personal local internet marketing workshops, etc. with people I have already established a relationship with via my articles. An added benefit of this writing gig is that it is a paid one!

So do you think that your business would benefit from writing and publishing your articles at a 3rd party site? How about one with a local slant. As of this writing, I know that The Examiner is still looking to hire editors to cover certain departments in every major city across the U.S. While there is an application process, I think you’ll be please with the payoff.

Here are their Alexa stats:


If you are interested – go to: Write For The Examiner

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