What Is Article Marketing?

What Is Article MarketingToday’s frequently asked article marketing question: What Is Article Marketing?

Q: Hi Lisa. I have a small hair care retail business which I run from home. I have had a beautiful website built for me but have no idea how to tell people that it is there. I mean other than existing clients. My husband is a half decent writer, so a friend told me that perhaps writing articles would be the way to go for us. But can you please explain to me and my husband – what is article marketing? How do we get started and is it the right marketing strategy for our business? Will it cost me anything?

A: What a powerful question! One that I sometimes take for granted when I get online everyday. So here it is. Good article marketing is the strategic and purposeful action of writing information-based articles which include a resource or bio box at the end which promotes something or someone. Typically these articles are made available for publication, distribution, and syndication which leads to a steady stream of traffic and new prospects to your site. It is a zero cost strategy.

All you would need to do to get started is to consider the needs of the consumers of your products. What problems do they need solving? What is their biggest issue with their hair? What kinds of tips would your customers like to learn. If you don’t know for sure – just ask them. Since you have a current client list, it will be easy to simply start by asking them. Then write articles that answer these questions.

This strategy will work for ANY business. That’s because if you have a website or blog online, then you must have content on it for it to ultimately succeed. So since you are writing articles and blog posts anyway, you might as well tweak those articles and submit them to article directories, ezines, and other people’s websites.

*Just as a side note, article marketing will actually work great in your niche. Hair care is a highly searched for topic online.

So what is article marketing? It’s the #1 time-tested and proven marketing technique that costs you nothing but yields real results – traffic. It is an essential part of any good overall online marketing strategy and I look forward to seeing your results.

If you are also new and really want to learn what is article marketing, get simple writing & publishing how-to steps with this article marketing training course for beginners.


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    Hi Lisa, a specific resource for article marketing is Linknami.com
    It is not a blog network solely for adsense or posting purposes but lists blogs from individuals all around the world where users can publish their articles as guest bloggers.


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