What Is Article Marketing?

I receive a lot of emails and messages via Facebook asking me the most basic question about what I do, and that is “Hey Lisa, What is Article Marketing and how can it help my business?” It really is a great question — because there is often a question about what the difference is between doing article marketing vs. writing articles?


Well when you write an article, you want someone to read it and hopefully enjoy it. The end. But article marketing serves a higher power. When you use article marketing, you are writing articles that you intend to use to educate and entertain the reader with the additional goals of increasing your own visibility and credibility in your marketplace, while also sending new traffic back to your website.

So I guess you can say that article marketing serves both the reader and the writer equally.


1. The Title – it’s very important to write an eye-catching AND keyword optimized article in order to entice the reader and the search engine gods:)

2. The Summary – For submissions to article directories and most 3rd party publishers, you will need to create a few sentences to serve as the summary of your article. You can use the first couple of sentences of your article or you could create a more enticing one of your own that will grab the reader’s attention.

3. The Body – Here is where you write the bulk of your article. You will want to write in small paragraphs to make the article easily digestible by readers, use bulleted or numbered lists, use some formatting like (bold) to break things up. Keep your articles about 400-500 words long.

You should also avoid writing promotion materials, press releases, or using any type of  “salesy” language in your articles. No one wants to be sold to via articles, readers want to be educated and entertained first. You must build trust and a relationship with your content. Trying to sell to a customer too early can mean poor sales for you.

4. The Resource Box – Here is where you write a few sentences about who you are and what you want the reader to do next. It’s important to get this part right so that the reader goes back to your website and opt-in etc. You will create a live link inside your resource box whether it is written in plain text or with html code for your reader to click on. Strive for simplicity in your resource box. You only get about 50 to 75 words for most bio boxes in directories.


1. Write The Article

We talked about the essential parts of writing your article above.

2. Publish The Article

The next step that you need to make after you have written your article is to publish it. Article marketers tend to publish their articles on their own sites, article directories, ezines, and other people’s sites.

3. Promote The Article

The next step is to get the word out that your articles are published and live.  You can do this via solo emails, social media sites such as Twitter, blog and forum comments, ezines, etc.

4. Profit From Articles

You need to receive some sort of benefit from publishing your articles other then self-gratification that you are a published author. That includes generating some direct or indirect income from your articles. These profit sources could come indirectly from increase traffic or list building. They could also come directly in the form of affiliate article marketing, or repurposing your articles into small reports, ebooks, ecourses, teleseminars, membership sites, and more!

Want to learn article marketing from A to Z? You will when you take advantage of the all the free resources included in my article marketing success toolkit, including a trial membership into my article marketing training program – Articology!

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