What Is RSS?

RSS is an article marketer’s dream come true. Let me explain why…

A few years ago, when I started seeing those little orange buttons around some of my favorite sites, I was interested but ignored them for a while. Mainly because the internet is always introducing some sort of new technology, and I thought I’d wait on it–just to see if it was a fad or functional. But it was pretty soon after, that I learned just what a great tool RSS is for information seekers and providers like you and me.

So What Is It?
RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” which basically means that you can keep up with the new updates, articles, etc. at any site which offers a RSS feed without having to constantly check the site for updates or checking your email inbox for newsletters etc.

– Get updates quickly
– Subscribe to as many feeds as you like
– You don’ t have to constantly check back on sites
– You don’t have to risk email newsletters falling into your dreaded spam folder

Benefits of LisaAngelettie Feed
– Find out about new articles as we post them
– Find out about product releases asap
– Read great tips on marketing your business
– Find out about special promotions we’re running

How Does It Work?
Most new web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari have RSS reading and bookmarking capability – but if you are using an older web browser, first you will need to download a free RSS Reader or use a web-based browser. The reader is a special software necessary to read RSS feeds.

Web-based readers that are popular, free, and easy to use are bloglines and googlereader.

Readers you can download include:
1. NetNewsWire for MAC users

2. RssReader for PC users

Why It’s Great For Us!
Article marketers benefit especially from RSS feeds because if you have a feed for your blog or site, it now enables you to syndicate your content. Therefore, search engines will love you and spider your content more regularly and readers will love you because of the ease of reading your content as soon as it is published. Bottom line here is that most people are on emai overload. Using RSS is a great way to get your content and your message in front of less-tired eyes:-)


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