What Time Should I Publish My Blog Posts?

I never really thought about if there was an optimal time to publish my blog posts and articles, I was always more concerned about publishing “enough” content. But now that I am pretty much on a writing schedule, I can concentrate on tweaking other aspects of my writing. One being learning when the optimum time is to publish my articles. Want to figure it out too?

About a year back, I learned from a blogging coach that it would be a wise SEO move if I published my articles at a certain time of day – everyday. She was right. I’ve seen the results. More organic search traffic to my sites. There are several reasons for this:

*Most Important
1. You will teach the search engines to spider your website at the same time everyday. This ensures that your content is indexed and up on the web on a regular basis. Therefore when people conduct online searches using your keywords, your content will show in the results, and people will visit your blog.

2. You can build a large and loyal following of readers when they learn to expect content at the same time everyday from you. These are the types of visitors that tweet your articles, bookmark them, etc. They spread your message for you and attract even more traffic to your work.

3. You will train yourself to write consistently, which will increase your productivity. Giving your community of readers and the search engines a reason to visit your blog everyday is enough incentive for me to make sure that I follow through. While there are those days when I might not get any content written, it’s okay. You can boost your article productivity when you take my article marketing course for beginners.

4. You can catch the wave when your audience typically goes online. This is different for every niche, but the point is to get an idea of when your readers are generally online. Do your members have regular 9 to 5 jobs and are online after rush hour? Say 7pm or 8pm? Are your members WAHMs who go online when their children are down for their first nap? Perhaps 10 or 11am? Whatever that time may be for you, it’s a good idea to publish your articles about an hour before that time. That way your articles are in their Twitter stream, etc. AND your articles will be up online when they go and visit your site for the day.

Q: So what time should you publish your blog posts?
A: Everyday at the same time, preferably a little while before the readers in your niche are online.

*Bonus Tip
Remember that you can write as many articles as you want and schedule them to publish whatever day AND time you want. Below is an example of where you edit this in a WordPress blog. Just go to publish immediately and click the edit link. Change the day and time and click “schedule“. I do this often, because I like to spend other days working on other aspects of my business – not just publishing blog articles.


  1. lisaangelettie says

    Hey John,
    That's why if you are blogging the articles (I like WordPress:) you can always load them up and schedule publishing. I work with people in many time zones, but tend to target publishing for my time zone. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. says

    I try publish my post like about 1:00 Am in the morning, that way my readers can have the articles to read right throughout their day.

  3. says

    I have often wondered if there was a best time to publish blog posts. I have read a lot of stuff about it and the best information seemed to be that articles published in the morning, around 9a.m. EST, tended to be shared more on Facebook than articles published at other times of the day.

    As always it is a matter of testing.

    • says

      It really is a matter of testing — I have done a lot of it and found my sweet spots, but it’s very different for different niches and especially depending on the demographics of your ideal audience. Thanks for your comment today:)


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