What’s Your Marketing Style?

Recently, there has been a pretty popular online guru who is running a promotion right now on one of his old seminars. He’s basically retiring it, because he said that a student of his took it, packaged it, and sold it as his own for thousands of dollars! Can you imagine?

Anyway – you can get the whole thing for a buck – supposedly as a way to counterattack the seminar thief. BUT of course there is a catch.

1. There are not one, not two, but I think there was about four one-time offer (upsell) pages after you paid your $1. Which to many, including myself, a little overkill and a lot annoying.

2. Plus, there is also an optional continuity program on the backend of your purchase, which means that in 30 days I will receive a copy of this guru’s print newsletter and be charged about 30 bucks for it. The option is – is that I can cancel it at anytime. Now – this guy is pretty successful on the web, so I don’t mind the newsletter. In fact I love print newsletters (which are hot right now). So that’s okay – but probably not okay for a lot of other people.

Now I must say to all the complainers out there — that you must be a little naive to think that we were going to get all that content for a $1 and there not be any other income-generating hoops to jump through. But it does make you think about what kind of marketing style you plan to adopt as you build your business on the web.

There were plenty of people very upset about this offer, but I think that the guru probably feels that anyone paying a $1 who didn’t want to pay for anything else he was offering — was not a profitable lead for him. So who cares that they were annoyed.

But the thing is – is that I do care. I don’t want to annoy anyone if I can help it, and I think that there is a potential profit in anyone who makes a decision to join your list. They could be an affiliate. They could be a possible joint venture. They could just be someone who you need to build a relationship with before they buy from you (which is how I usually market AND how I invest in other experts online).

So while this guru’s marketing style clearly works for him — remember that you can adopt a different marketing style that is just as effective but more reflective of who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world.

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