When You Hate Your Own Writing

What To Do When You Hate Your Own Writing

1. Stop Judging Yourself.
How do you know your writing is bad? Isn’t much of that relative to who is reading what you wrote? Some will hate it but some will love it. You never know who your writing is going to resonate with – so judging your writing too harshly would be a self-destructive mistake.

2. Practice Writing Anything.
I know you may be in business selling insurance, but if you want to write about how your mother-in-law is driving you crazy – then write it. Just get into the practice of putting your thoughts down on paper. Start writing more crazy family stories and you might find your business writing voice as well. It’s in there you just have to exercise the muscles!

3. Find A Writing Buddy.
I have a writing pal who sends me over her work and vice-versa and we give each other quick and we offer each other suggestions about what may be missing from an article, or just praise when one of us has written something really good. A writing pal will give you added support and encouragement when you desperately need it. It’s kind of like having an exercise buddy. Who wants to go to the gym alone.

4. Try Not To Outsource.
You may be really tempted to outsource your article writing when you hate everything you’ve written, but I’m asking you not to do that at this point. You will never fall in “like” with what you write if you become dependent on another person’s voice.

5. Accept The Average.
Listen, not everyone is going to write a masterpiece. It’s just not in everyone’s DNA to write really engaging articles. And that’s fine. Your an average writer, and that’s okay.

While there are many marketers out there who will scare you into believing that you must have wonderfully distinctive content, blah blah blah, the truth is – is that you just need to be able to hold potential clients/customers attention for a few seconds. Enough for them to click on your call to action link. And you can do that without all the bells and whistles. All you have to do is to make sure that you answer a question, provide a resource, or meet a need.  That’s how most people make money. Not by being the most “clever” writer.

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