Why I Love Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

Guest Blogger: The following is a guest post from one of my favorite internet marketing mentors.

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing – Part 2
By Jimmy D. Brown of “Affiliate Payraise”

Pop quiz time. What does “HTML” stand for? Don’t know that one? How about this – what does “FTP” stand for? OK, one more chance. Do you know how to work with either?

That brings me to the second reason why I love affiliate marketing…

** You don’t need to build a website **

What scares people more than creating a product is building a website!

* What in the world is HTML? Or FTP?
* How much does the software cost? And hosting?
* How do I upload files?
* Why isn’t it formatted correctly?
* Why don’t my graphics look like the ones the pros have?

If you are a complete beginner, it can be very difficult (even using templates) to get an attractive website in place. And hiring a professional to do it fo ryou is out of the budget for most people.

But, with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to build a website. You simply send visitors to someone else’s professionally designed site through your affiliate link.

SIDEBAR: Just in case you’re interested, HTML stands
for “hypertext markup language” and is the coding
used to build webpages. FTP stands for “file transfer
protocol” and is the process used for moving files
from your computer to a website, or vice versa.

Really, in a manner of looking at it, you get to take advantage of the time and money invested by someone elseto develop the site. Think about it: when you promote an
affiliate link, it reflects firstly upon YOU. You are the one who is advertising the link, recommending the product, sending people who have interacted with YOU to the website.

The professional site of someone else really represents you as the promoter, in the eye of those who have clicked through your link.

You get the benefits without the bother.

That’s why I love affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to build a website.


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    Ye it’s true that building a website is not necessary for an affiliate marketer since you just have to persuade your audience to click on your affiliate link. You can just create a mini net or blog site to promote your affiliate. It more of a selling page to gain the trust of your clients. Of course, you still need the right Affiliate Marketing Strategy to promote your affiliate or otherwise your effort will seem pointless if only a few will click your affiliate link.



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