Article Submission: Why Was My Article Rejected? Part 2

In Part 1 of article rejections, we talked about how articles are often rejected because they are blatant self promotions of your business. They read as a sales letter or a press release — not as an informative article.

In Part 2, we are going to discuss another common reason that your articles may be rejected and that is because of improper SEO (search engine optimization) technique a.k.a. keyword stuffing!

Article Rejection – Reason 2
Your article is stuffed with keywords

When many of us first started out online (or you may be just starting out right now), you can come across a lot of information on how to write articles that the search engines will find. This information will often talk about using keywords in your titles, the first paragraph, or keyword “ratios” in the entire article. The problem is – is that everyone has a different twist on how those ratios should be applied and so just to be safe — many people just stuff their articles with their keywords and pray for the best.

Well – a million years ago this worked. But not now. Google and the other search engines are too smart for that — and those types of articles are called “spam”. In fact they’ve been hip to this type of lazy article marketing for several years. So it’s amazing to me that people still do it. Well then again – not really, because those same old articles telling people to do it still exist. So people are still keyword stuffing.

Now I’m not advising you to become a SEO expert. Not everyone has the time to learn that always changing marketing technique. But I am telling you to write smartly or else directories and 3rd party sites will continually reject your work…

1. Use your keyword phrase when and where it makes sense in your article.

2. Do not use your keywords artificially in sentences that sound awkward and don’t make sense.

3. Keywords are important in the title of your article. Even if you just get in in there, you have won half the article marketing battle.

4. Don’t over think this. Write your article first and if you’ve found that you haven’t used your keywords at all — then go back over and place your keywords in a FEW strategic places. Then leave it alone.

5. Remember the F.E.W. acronym for using keywords

F – Use keywords where they will naturally FLOW in your article.
E – Use only ESSENTIAL keywords to the article and your niche.
W – WORK your keywords more into the top of your article and then WIND them down towards the end.

Finally – a keyword stuffed article reads badly. It’s just that simple. It sounds awkward and unnatural. It sounds like an amateur who is not authentic wrote the article — and that is never good for business.

*Writing Tip
Many of the articles that have given me the most article views in directories, were ones that I didn’t worry about keywords at all. I just wrote the articles. If you write unique enough content, the longtail keyword phrases appear and work magic on their own.

Have any of your articles been rejected? Talk about the reasons why and how writers can avoid it here when you leave a comment below.

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