Why You Should Submit Your Articles To Newsvine

There are oodles of websites out there that you could submit your articles to. You can find many of them included in the article submission software products on the market. Or you could simply do a google search for places to submit to. The question always is though —what websites are WORTH submitting to?

Fortunately, I have done a lot of research on this over the years, and I make it my business to stay as current as possible on what websites should be included in my article marketing master list and which ones may have fallen out of grace.

One site which I think is worth the trouble is Newsvine.com — I like this particular site for a few reasons:

1. The pagerank of this site is great. PR7. It would be great to have articles deep linking to several different pages on your website from here. Remember – the better your pagerank – the more likely your articles and site will show higher in search engine results under your keywords.
2. The site allows you to recommend existing articles – much like Digg. BUT it also allows you to submit your own original content directly to the site – much like an article directory. In fact, you can create your own news column which could point to both existing and new articles.

3. You will find a great mixture of topics and top stories on this website. You really don’t see domination of one genre. You may find a hard news story about the war in Iraq and a story on better SEO tactics in the top 5 stories of the day.

4. There are also groups to join or you could create your own group based on your topic. And unlike some of the other web 2.0 sites, these groups seem to be really active, which means more exposure for you.

I highly recommend using Newsvine in your article marketing campaign. But remember, that you need to use Newsvine “naturally”, like all the other news sites you may submit articles to. Which means submitting other articles and blog posts which you have found helpful or interesting – along with your own content. Do both – and you will do fabulously!

In fact, you can start now by naturally linking to this post by clicking on the link below. It will give you a chance to start looking around and getting familiar with the process of seeding links you like – as well as your own content. Have fun!

Seed Newsvine


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