Writers Block When Blogging

I get quite a few emails about new bloggers (and old:) getting stuck with writers block when it comes to adding new content to their blogs.

I think a lot of that is based on the fact that it is necessary to post often to gain decent exposure for your blog — and some of us just weren’t born chatterboxes!

Well – I have a few ideas for you that I have worked for me and few of my clients. They aren’t rocket science — but they are probably things that you may take for granted or forget about.

1. Blog when listening to music. Believe it or not – the right music can instantly lift a person’s mood and creativity (we also recommend this in psychotherapy:). You will be amazed at how the creative portion of your brain will kick in when you remember to turn on the itunes, ipod, cd or radio.

2. Remember that just because you know your topic backwards and forwards, doesn’t mean that your readers do. In fact, if they are even bothering reading your stuff at all –they are interested in either your information or your opinion on your information. So if it’s related to your topic – write about it.

3. Use google alerts. All you have to do is put keywords related to your topic or perhaps another expert’s name in the google alerts tool and you will start to get email alerts on what is new in blogs, the news, or other web pages on that keyword. You will get a ton of ideas from using this tool.

4. Write an opinion piece. Some bloggers get trapped with only writing about “information” or “news”. But what brings readers back is your particular writer’s “voice”.

5. Write about new things you are trying with your business while you are trying them. Don’t wait to see the end result. Readers will want to follow the results.

Have any ideas on beating blogger writers’ block? Please share:)


  1. says

    I’m a list maker. Compulsively. What I do at work all day (since I can’t log into my blog accounts) is make lists of things I want to blog about later. I just keep a running list as thoughts cross my mind, with just the title and a brief description.

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