Writing Rituals

There is a technique that most productive writers consciously use to get more writing done and that is called using writing rituals. This is an advanced article writing strategy that the pros use, but is an important enough strategy that even those of you just writing your first article should implement them in your daily routine.

So What Is A Writing Ritual?
A writing ritual is a repetitive but deliberate and conscious behavior that has a deeper meaning. You hopefully already perform some sort of writing rituals before you write something for the day.

Writing rituals are much different than writing habits. For instance, when I was younger I had a habit of always playing in my hair when I wrote. It was not conscious. It was not deliberate. And it sure didn’t help me write better. I think what it did was subconsciously soothe my anxiety when I got stuck writing under pressure (tests, deadlines, etc.)

As I grew older though, a ritual I developed was to always pour myself a icy glass of juice, water, or something right before I would sit down and write my first sentence. I developed this one out of working in the newspaper business. The ritual of pouring my drink, placing it on my coaster, to the right hand side of my computer before I sat down to write marked the beginning of my writing session. It means to me that I am ready to get down to business. Or that I’m going to at least write 250 words before I get up again.

What’s The Point Of Writing Rituals?
The point of using rituals in your writing is to basically allow yourself to become more creative and productive. They increase productivity and help banish writer’s block. If you establish good rituals in your daily life – you will be amazed at how much more content you can produce. Content that you actually are proud of:)

Examples of Writing Rituals
You can come up with so many different ideas for writing rituals. There is no steadfast rule. It just needs to be deliberate, conscious, and something that really means something to you, like:

1. Sharpening your favorite pencil before you begin.

2. Clearing your desk before you start.

3. Working at the same time every day.

4. Checking your favorite 3 news sites for story ideas before you write.

5. Not moving onto anything else in your business until you’ve written 250 words.

6. Setting a timer so that you can write for a specific amount of time everyday.

Whatever rituals you decide to incorporate in your daily routine, know that once you establish just a few positive ones and stick to them – you should see your output increase and your creativity soar.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I've been going through an “I don't feel like writing” phase lately. It's not that I'm out of ideas for content. I really just don't feel like it!


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