#1 Newsletter Tweak I Made That Increased Reader Engagement

Are You Ready To Learn How To Increase Client & Customer Engagement & Conversion? It’s Simple. Give People Permission To Have A Conversation With You.

client conversation

A funny thing happened to me over the last 2 months. I started remembering some of the stuff taught to me over the years about customer and client engagement and actually began implementing it:) This is how it happened…

1. Over the last few months I have had some conversations where the person referred to me as a “guru” or “expert” or “professional” and while these are flattering words they frightened me a little. I realized in those moments that one of the reasons why I had been struggling with generating more reader engagement (getting people to have a conversation with me online) is because the didn’t think they could. They didn’t think I was available or they thought they had to pay first to talk to me. Ugh! That’s so not me.

2. So I decided to run a random test (I do a lot of testing) with my newsletter (Copy & Content… formerly known as Unleash Your Income) and added a few words to every issue: Reach out to me on my Facebook Page if you want to shout me out or ask a question. I may not write this exactly in every issue, but some derivative of it so that my language is not forced but natural.

3. I noticed after making this one change that miraculously MORE people began to share, like, and comment on my posts OR they contacted me directly through a Facebook message. In fact, 70% of the people who contacted me via FB message ended up having a phone conversation with me later and 3 of those calls turned into clients. Not bad for a few simple words in my free weekly newsletter:)

4. So what is the real magic going on here? The magic is that I gave my newsletter readers PERMISSION to contact me to just say hello or to ask me any question they wanted. When I did that — they responded! Most people need you to tell them what the next step is in order for them to take it.

You can actually use this same strategy for the end of blog posts, videos, etc. and it will work.

When I do this I normally get responses via email (although I rather people reach me on FB:) but hey I’m not picky! Many people have said that they were surprised and pleased that they got a personal answer from me. Interesting right? I mean I’m not Oprah! And I didn’t get it at first, but you’d be surprised. That’s what a lot of people may be thinking about you too.

So go ahead…give them permission to have a conversation and watch how it opens up your business in ways you never imagined!

I’d love to open up the conversation about what you just read in the comments below or on my Facebook Page. Ask me anything:)


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    awesome, this reminds me of my last sentence in my emails for work where ask people to contact me if they have any questions and I did mean it, leaving the space open for people to feel that I was 100% approachable. great reminder, I will also start doing that with my newsletters

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