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Unofficially, the loyal subscribers of this site are my tribe of “writing ninjas” and are the inspiration for every post I write. (I heavily depend on my tribe’s feedback:) A writing ninja is someone who seeks to or is currently generating income by writing articles, a blog, newsletters, a niche site, and/or books from the comfort of their own home or local Starbucks:)


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I am old school:) I love email. I like to occasionally send goodies via email and I like to answer reader questions via email. But the main reason who should sign up is so that you don’t miss out when I publish a post.

I am a full-time writer, editor, and publisher – so it’s important that you know that I don’t publish tons of articles on a regular basis, but when I do publish, I try to make sure that it is an article that will help you in some SPECIFIC way with your writing, publishing, or marketing.

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