1 Quick Way to Help Get Your Business Well Into 6-Figures

Here’s a great tip from someone I LOVE and trust to give me great information on how to make more in my business – Kendall SummerHawk (aka, the “Horse Whisperer” for business)

She walks her talk, and has created a high 6-figure business (she brought in OVER $564,000.00 last year alone!) doing what she loves.

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway…here’s a great tip she just shared with me:

Ever noticed how much time it can take you to get anything (and everything!) done in your business? Well, that time is also costing you BIG TIME by distracting you from working on creating profitable offers, relationships and opportunities. One quick trick that can make a real difference to your bottom line is to cut the amount of time you give yourself for a project in half.

I know, sounds impossible, right? It’s not, and, even better, it will force you to look at HOW you are approaching a project. If you only have half the time to get it done you’re more likely to ask for support, reach out to new resources or not settle for delays or get stuck in perfectionism. Just imagine how many more leads and clients you could create if your marketing projects were done in half the time?

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