10 Things I Learned About Article Marketing In 2010

Lisa Angelettie on BizChickBlogs

10 Things I Learned About Article Marketing In 2010

Please check out my latest guest article over at BizChickBlogs.com. It’s all about the 10 things that I’ve learned about article marketing in 2010. I never think of writing these types of “reflective” articles, so it was great fun writing this one. Look out for big things in 2011 for this site:)


  1. Larry says

    Lisa, ya did good!. thanks for all of your help and support. I am at the point where I am just starting to get some traffic. One thing I have done is to reduce blogger/squidoo by 90%. Total was 70. I keep a few blogger.com only and have 5 Wp sites. Now I realize how all over the place I was.

    Thanks again and to you and your a happy and successful New Year in the truest sense of the word!.



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