3 Keys To Kick-Start Your Article Marketing In 24 Hours!

I love fresh new beginnings. That’s why I love Monday mornings. September for the kids. Januarys for the obvious reason — the beginning of a new year.

That’s why I am going to offer you the chance to build a fresh new beginning for your article marketing efforts. You know,  just in case you haven’t been writing like you should:)

If you have been thinking about writing, wondering what to write, hesitating to put your thoughts down, wondering who on earth would read what you write, overwhelmed with where to publish or how to promote your articles — I have one huge word of wisdom for you… STOP!

You are no doubt driving yourself simply crazy trying to figure out how you are going to launch a successful article marketing campaign that will bring you traffic and furthermore sales. You are thinking the entire process through from start to finish and getting stuck with all there is to do in between – and that’s write.

So here are a few of my suggestions to pull yourself out of this analysis paralysis and kick-start your article marketing in 24 hours! Let’s get this fresh new beginning going:)

Key 1 – COMMIT

There are trillions (okay maybe not that many:), but dozens of internet marketing strategies you can use to promote your online business, and there are oodles of “experts” out there who want to sell you the next great tool, software, or coaching program to market your business.

But the truth is, and I learned this the hard way over the years, that until you commit to one  primary marketing strategy you will simply continue to tread water. You will never truly compete in your market until you pick a marketing method and go hard!

So that’s the first key in making article marketing truly work for you. You need to commit to using it as the primary source of organic traffic to your site. Period. Once you’ve made the intellectual decision to do that, then the rest of the work of building your article marketing campaign is easy and natural.


There are a rare few people that can write on a regular basis without  planning or organizing what topics they are going to write about. Instead, I have found that more often than not, when working with clients that most people need a little organization. A little planning. This is the step that makes a lot of people nauseous, so pay attention as I eliminate the fear of planning content…

Let’s use this example — if you find a holiday to write about for every month of the year, you will have effortlessly planned 12 articles. Presidents day (January). Valentine’s Day (February). And the list goes on. Now imagine if you write a series of three articles around those holiday tie-in articles. You now have 36 articles! For example, if you write a Christmas series, you can write an article about the upcoming holiday, another right before the holiday, and another after the holiday article.

The rest of your articles can be planned around basic information and problem solving in your niche. So say you have 10 of those. Add another related article to each of those to make an even 20 articles – and now you have organized and planned over 56 article topics for the year. For example, in the depression niche, people always search for the “symptoms of depression”, so you can always write an article on that, plus a related article on what to do if you see those symptoms.

Remember that there are always those random article ideas that come along too. So using this plan as well as allowing topics to naturally occur, you will have more than enough content to build you “fan base”.


Now that you have made the decision to seriously  commit to writing enough content to drive lots of new traffic to your website, and you have taken the initial steps to organize and plan out that content, all that is left for you to do is do it!

Don’t sabotage yourself by talking yourself out of writing today. Sure, you may have a ton of other things to do today, but I sleep better at night knowing that I have taken some type of action step towards driving traffic to my sites. Remember that acquiring new customers will account for about 80% of the work in your online business. All the rest is easy.

Commit to writing an article as soon as you finish reading this one. Publish it to your blog, someone else’s blog, or an article directory like ezinearticles.com. If you need help getting going, I strongly recommend that you take a look at my article marketing training course created specifically for beginners – Articology. I walk you step by step through the article marketing process and beyond.

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