7 Updates For Your Virtual Assistant To Handle

I was in the middle of delegating these 7 tasks to my wonderful virtual assistant (Pam) so I thought I’d jot them down for you to delegate as well:

1. Change your blog footer copyright to 2012.

2. Change your newsletter copyright to 2012.

3. Update any terms of use, disclaimers, etc. that may contain a 2011 date.

4. Check Google’s webmaster tools to see if your sites have any dead links a.k.a. 404 errors (your sites have to be set up in webmaster tools first)

5. Check stats to see what social media site is bringing you the most traffic and spend a little more energy over there.

6. Get organized! Work with your VA to schedule your calendar for the year (product launches, program launches, product and program marketing, vacations, kids days off of school, etc.)

7. Freshen Up! Add those buttons, banners and other items to your home page you’ve been wanting to forever but haven’t. Relinquish control and allow your VA to do the heavy lifting:)


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