How To Use The 80/20 Content Rule To Attract Clients & Sales

Learn How To Apply The 80/20 Content Rule For More Clients & Sales In Your Business

eighty-twenty content ruleIf you are writing articles, an ezine, tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts, creating videos, audio articles etc. you are using content marketing to establish and promote your business and your brand, yet there is an essential rule to using content marketing that many entrepreneurs are not using and it is costing them clients and customers.

When you create content, it is critical that you follow the 80/20 Content Rule if you desire more clients and more sales in your business. Inform, educate, or entertain your readers 80% of the time and promote or sell something 20% of the time.

The point of the rule is to guide you into building trust and relationships with your readers. Building trust should be the primary “point” of your content – not just to sell something. When you build a relationship with your readers and they begin to trust you — that’s when attracting new clients and customers comes easy and naturally.

No longer will you have to pursue people and feel like you are “selling”. Instead you will be attracting people with 80% of your content which is informative and educational and then use the remaining 20% of your content to guide prospects to your product or offer.

For instance, I’m sure you’ve seen videos on websites or YouTube that introduce a new program or product. They are pretty much video sales letters, describing all the benefits of their product or program and that’s it. Now I’m not knocking video sales letters, BUT imagine how much more powerful a video would be that teaches the viewer a strategy or tip from that new product or program and then guides them to an offer at the end?

Another way of looking at things is to consider how you personally consume content on the web. What types of content are you most attracted to? What people do you follow on social media? What lists are you on? Are these people always giving you high value, informative content? Or are they bombarding you with sales messages? Most people are drawn to information not pitches, and I bet you’re the same. So do the same thing with your content.

Give readers VALUE first. Build trust. Establish authority. Be seen as an expert. Then and only then can you expect to see dozens if not hundreds of people self-select and come to you as the authority they are seeking to help them with. That’s how you will effortlessly build a list, a client base, and sales.

Here’s your next content marketing assignment…

Take a look at your existing content such as your ezine. Read it and ask yourself¬† “Is this ezine 80% information, instruction, resources, tips?”Am I giving readers what I promised when they subscribed? Am I including enough content on a consistent basis that is building a loyal reader base?” Be honest with yourself and remember to read it as if you were a subscriber yourself.

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