What Is Content Marketing?

Have You Ever Wondered What Is Content Marketing — Really?

“Your Business Must Market Content In Order To Thrive”

There is a movement going on in the world today — people do not want to be sold to. Instead it is crucial for business owners to build trust, credibility, and likability with customers and clients before the sale is made. So while many traditional advertisers are struggling  converting customers with print ads, television commercials, and direct mail, businesses using content marketing are not. The reason being that for entrepreneurs like you and me — it is our first priority to give people value first – then convert them into the sale later.

So What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the act of a business owner creating and sharing free but valuable information that a prospective client or customer has requested (or searched for) and which creates trust, credibility and authority for the business owner that provided the information.

There are characteristics that differentiate a solid content marketing piece from a random source of free content on the web–content marketing must offer value and have a call to action a.k.a. some sort of action you want the prospect to take after they’ve read, listened, or viewed your content.

Another characteristic of Content Marketing is that it is something which grows exponentially more powerful with repetition. It’s this repeated and regular exposure to your content and therefore your marketing message which builds a relationship of trust, likability, and the opportunity to convert your prospects several times rather then once.

It makes sense because statistics prove that it takes more than 7 exposures to a marketing message before a prospect even considers investing in you, and I can only imagine how that number is probably even higher for solo entrepreneurs.  I admittedly told one of my most influential mentors how it took about three years of being marketed to by her before I invested in coaching with her!

What Types Of Content Marketing Are There?

Do you already use some of these in your business? Are you maximizing the reach that each of these content marketing tools can make?

1. Articles
2. Blogs
3. White Papers
4. Free Reports
5. Videos
6. Audios
7. Social Media Content
8. Email Newsletters

Luckily over the years I have actually discovered my content marketing sweet spot, and I found it by effectively figuring out the right ratio for providing high-value content vs. promotional messages that resonated with prospects.

Interested in obtaining started creating & leveraging marketable content? So my assignment for you is to let go of the limiting belief that you are frightened of giving away all your yummy content. The actuality is that you must give some of the good stuff! And this is why…

Deliver your prospects undeniable value, connect with them authentically, build their trust, as well as they will definitely not merely want to function by having you, however they are going to count on everything that they purchase from you and they will definitely disperse the word about you all over the spot. That is actually the TRUE potential of content marketing!


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