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What Others Have To Say About Lisa

“As a result of Lisa’s coaching, I’m connecting with prospective clients, which was not happening before my VIP day.  My advice for those thinking of investing in a coaching program “just do it!”  It is the single most important investment you will make positioning you far beyond your competitors, and saving you years of frustration and pain.” 
– Janet Thompson, Wordstroker

“The techniques that you recommend are exactly what drew me back to your site again and again, and of course lead me to sign up with your program. Thanks so much Lisa!”
– Debbie Ainsworth,

About Lisa

Content Marketing Strategist

Lisa Angelettie

Hi, my name is Lisa Angelettie and I am an award winning author, authentic copywriting & content marketing strategist, and small business inbound marketing consultant!

  • I first started online as a psychotherapist opening a virtual practice called
  • Took GirlShrink to #1 Advice & Counseling site (for 10 years) using content as my primary marketing tool
  • Organically started to begin working with other therapists and service professionals building their content & blogs
  • Started my consulting business “seriously” after my 2nd daughter was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder
  • I specialize in writing web copy and web content that authentically connects with clients & customers and triggers conversions (through psychological principles). Forget traditional salesy or slick sounding copy.
  • I have consulted with big companies like State Farm Insurance ® but my specialty is working with solo professionals
  • I am a wife of an award-winning music producer and am a mom of 3 girls and 2 cafe-colored Labradoodles (who bark too much!)
  • I work from home in my yellow hued home office in Pennsylvania, and I consider myself very fortunate. I love my life!
  • While I am not a millionaire (yet:), what I am is someone who makes a great living working only with clients who I like and doing things that I love.

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