Are You Afraid Of Change In Your Business?

Are You Afraid Of Making A Change?

afraid of changeAre You Willing To Make Changes In Your Business To Reach Six Figures?

In 2003, Bobby and Renatta worked with me in my psychotherapy practice for over 16 months to try and save their relationship. They both wanted to get married, but Renatta wouldn’t say yes until Bobby secured stable employment. Bobby had a dream of being an actor and wanted to continue to pursue it until he got work or until he accepted that it wasn’t in the cards for him. They were miserable, and they were both getting on each others nerves, but no one wanted to make a move towards change. They were afraid to do something, because they didn’t want to lose each other and they also didn’t want to lose themselves. So they stayed right where they were for the entire 16 months and are probably in that same space today. It was awful. It was unfulfilling — but it was all they knew and it was safe.

I saw this type of couple over and over in my work as a psychotherapist. I worked with many couples who sought advice for marital problems but were unwilling or unable to do what was required to make progress — and that was to make some sort of a change.

If you think about it, it seems to make perfect sense. If you’ve doing something for a year, for 5 years, for 10 and your situation isn’t improving — then what you’re doing isn’t working. You’ve got to do something else. That same principle holds true for anything in life — including your business.

If you have been trying to attract new clients and make more money over the last 6 months, a year, 2 years or more and you haven’t filled your practice yet then it’s obviously time to try something else. So why do so many entrepreneurs have trouble with this–with change?

Because business owners and perhaps you as well — are afraid. Afraid to make a change. Afraid to accept change. Afraid to embrace change. What you are doing and what you have always done is familiar to you. It’s safe. There is some comfort in knowing what to expect. I have seen many entrepreneurs throw their hands up and give up because they felt that it just wasn’t in the cards for them to succeed.

But I think that’s absolute rubbish.

I think that if you’ve felt a strong pull towards entrepreneurship and your niche — especially if you have a unique gift or in demand skillset — then you are absolutely suppose to and will succeed if you ask for guidance, accept direction, and implement! In order to do all of that though you have to be willing to make tweaks, adjustments and changes. Are you willing to do that this year?

If change makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself:

How long have I been stuck in the same place?

What do I think will happen if I try something different?

Do I believe that bigger things are meant for met?

Can I truly reach my income potential if I do exactly what it is I am doing today?

Your content marketing assignment this week:

Is to take a long look at your business. Your marketing message. Your website content. Blog posts. Articles. Videos. Audio. Branding. Your work ethic. Commitment level. And ask yourself, is there a place in my business where I’ve remained stagnant? Is there an area where I need to be open to change? It there an area where I need to actively seek and implement change? And then go out there and make it happen! The only way you will RISE to the income level that truly rewards you for your talents is to know when to welcome and embrace change.

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